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Our Mission:

Educate. Empower.


We give people the tools to transition their lives to a healthier and happier place. We pride ourselves on excellence in delivery, compassion in our approach and honesty in our achievements.

When our clients grow, we grow with them…

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Our Promise

We promise to provide the best service possible for our clients by integrating the most up-to-date research with the lived experience of expert practitioners. Our goal is to build a community based brand which promotes its core values of inclusion, wellness and compassion to all.

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Who we are…

We are an interdependent group of individuals passionate about the process of transformation.

We offer a variety of services utilising the expertise of our entire team:

  • Our one-to-one services are here for individuals looking to overcome, explore or even completely transform their lives.

  • Our consultancy packages are here for companies looking to elevate the wellness, productivity and creativity of their team.

  • Our workshops are here for members of the public to learn, express and transform their understanding of themselves and the world around them.


years of experience combined

Our team are committed to staying up-to-date with the most recent research in our individual fields. And with the chance to learn from each other our practitioners are well aware of the holistic process involved in transformation.



passionate & empathic team members

Our expert practitioners work in an intuitive, empowering and empathetic way to ensure our clients get the results they are seeking. Each member of our team has first hand experience of the holistic process involved in achieving and sustaining empowering states of mind and body.




To guide individuals and groups through a transitional journey to rediscover their personal and collective power!


June 2019

There was so much enthusiasm from our colleagues after the sessions that we are already looking to have them back, we think Holistic Transitioning will be a huge presence at DCK helping to bring the importance of wellness alive!

Amy - Learning & Development @ DCK / Read More Testimonials


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