“After sharing the Holistic Transitioning Instagram page with our colleagues, the sessions with Tom were fully booked up, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation in the build up to the sessions - Tom did not disappoint.

Toms contagious energy and passion for wellbeing made it easy for our colleagues to feel comfortable and be open to taking in all the practical tips that were shared with them. There was so much enthusiasm from our colleagues after the sessions that we are already looking to have Tom back, we think he will be a huge presence at DCK helping to bring the importance of wellness alive”


“Great effort guys! After always struggling to get our team together for events you managed to keep 14 heads fully engaged. Was a great session and everybody walked out feeling positive and refuelled. A few members of our team have struggled with previous stress issues and are still continuing to. With your presentation it has made each and every one of us look at certain “frames” differently. So thank you once again for an amazing session. We look forward to the next one!”


“The team shared a vast amount of knowledge when they presented to our workplace. Their focus on stress and wellbeing is particularly important to us and he gave us some amazing techniques to apply on a daily basis. We really enjoyed the presentation, he kept the whole teams engagement throughout! We highly recommend Holistic Transitioning services!”



“Emotional Intelligence – Tom, excellent at presenting. I really appreciated his honesty, defiantly helps to put it into prospective; we are all human! The last two mornings I haven’t been on my phone and today I actually made my shower cold at the end. I really took on board what he said in hope I will feel better throughout my day… Would love to do some more sessions like this!”

”I really enjoyed the session and liked that there was lots of little practical things to try - such as favourite colour, don’t look at your phone for the 1st two hours of the day. Also appreciated the resilience section and overcoming setback/past performances. I would happily attend more sessions with him!”

“I thought the seminar was interesting and will definitely research more into it; also thought that Tom was very honest about his experiences and how he has put his teachings into practice”

”Tom presented very well with the right amount of humour and intellect on the subject as well as nicely relating to his own personal experiences which made me feel engaged and at ease”


“I had the good fortune of being introduced to Holistic Transitioning in the spring of 2019 and found an instant connection to their passion and ethos about creating a supporting working environment. We brain stormed ideas and came up with a plan to shoot a series of videos that we could post on our internal intranet. This would allow our 750 staff, spread across 25 locations, to access a series of short videos giving hints and tips on wellbeing in the work place. We have shot our first video on achieving a good “Work Life Balance”, that we all look to achieve. Thomas spoke from the heart and shared his personal experience with us and this was well received by our staff. We are now looking forward to shooting more videos with Thomas on the subjects of “Mindfulness” and “Hints & Tips About Dealing With Anxiety”. Thomas’s background in the fields of psychology, counselling, neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming allows him to come at things from a different perspective, which is very refreshing, forward thinking and engaging. Any individual, or business would benefit from his insight and unique approach. In this fast paced world it’s good to take time out and reflect on your own wellbeing and resilience.”